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Living Tips

Taking Care of Yourself as a Caregiver

Family caregiving requires an endless supply of energy, empathy, and patience. While most caregivers will tell you that caring for a loved one is a truly rewarding experience, it is not without its challenges. The rising value and significance of caregiving as a result of COVID-19 and an aging population place new strains on caregivers.…

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How Smart Home Devices Can Help Seniors

Are you looking for ways to help your seniors using technology? There are several tech devices that allow your senior to stay independent. Emergency Devices Alexa Together – a service through your Echo Device.  This allows your adult to talk to Alexa and ask for assistance, but you can also reach out to your senior. Apple Watch…

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Changing the Furnace Filter Improves Quality of Life

When was the last time you thought about changing YOUR furnace filter?  What about Mom or Dad? Grandma or Grandpa? When have they last changed theirs?  When the furnace works better, it will help with their quality of life. Why do we need to make sure the furnace filter gets changed regularly? 1.  Heating &…

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