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Have you been contacted by Kim Tucker, Mom’s House Senior Transition Specialist

Did you get a phone call, email or text from Kim Tucker?  Wonder who is this and why is she bothering me?

I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself.  I have been certified by Mom's House as a Senior Transition Specialist.  I reach out to families who have been referred to me by Mom's House and their Referral Network.  They have people who have submitted their information to a Senior Provider somewhere asking for help with their situation and home in the Kansas City Metro area. Through their referral process, the information ends up on my desk and I reach out to see how I can help.

I recorded a short video to tell you a little bit more about myself, my family team, and how we might be able to assist you.

Did Kim Tucker reach out to you? Email you? Text you? Call You?

I bet you are wondering . . . Who is Kim Tucker?
What does kcmoHomeBuyer do and how can they help?
Who is Mom's House and what is a Certified Senior Transition Specialist?
How did Kim get my name and phone number?
Why is she calling me?

This video explains a bit about Kim Tucker and my Senior Transition Specialist Certification

I will be sending a few emails, shortly.  Over the next week or so, I will be calling people.

First, Kim Tucker along with her husband Don and son Scott make up the kcmoHomeBuyer team and we are also the people behind this website

We buy houses across the Kansas City metro. We've been buying houses for a very, very long time.  We started in 2000.

Who is Mom's House and what is their Senior Transition Specialist Certification

Because we work with a lot of families helping mom or dad with transitioning from the family home that they have lived in for the past 20 to 40 years to a senior community.  To better serve our customers we took the time to earn our Senior Transition Specialist certification from Mom's House (

Mom's House works with a lot of senior communities and services.  Through their referral network, they receive referrals from people who are seeking help with selling their homes across the country. They connect those people with home buyers like myself in various cities. My family and I are one of their buyers here in the Kansas City Metro area.

Who is kcmoHomeBuyer?

kcmoHomeBuyer is just a website offering the services of Kim, Don and Scott Tucker.  We have been buying houses across the Kansas City Metro area since 2000. We pay cash and can buy quickly so you don't have to deal with all the hard stuff: fix-up, repairs, clean out, clean up, inspections, loan approvals, and more. Just go to closing, hand over the keys, and move on. We have a lot of satisfied customers.

And because every situation is different we offer other options:

  • Fast Contract, but closing on the day of your choice.  This gets you the equity out of your house so you can use it where you need.
  • Fast Closing, but payments over time, for those who have to keep income and assets at a certain level to keep benefits.
  • We are also licensed Realtors, so if listing the home in the traditional manner would be a better fit for you, we can do that too.

How can we learn more about selling our house to kcmoHomeBuyer?

First, take a few minutes and watch our video above. It explains a lot.

Then take the time to explore our websites,  this one as well as It is packed with a ton of information that you will find helpful, especially if you have a house to sell.

You can call or text us at (816) 408-3900, or send us an email at [email protected].

You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this post.

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