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Questions to Ask a Cash Buyer

Because not all Cash Home Buyers have the same abilities.  And because some buyers and real estate agents just started in the business and don't quite know what they are doing, there are a few questions you need to ask upfront.

While everyone has to get their start somewhere, do you want them to do it with your house when time is a very important factor in getting your loved one the care they need.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

The person who has been in business for a few years is going to have not only the knowledge and expertise to make sure your home gets sold as promised, but also the team of contacts to help them get it done.  There are quite a few experts that have to do their part to make sure everything goes without any problems and a new person may not have the knowledge or the contacts.

The Tuckers at kcmoHomeBuyer and Realty Resource, that are behind this website have been in business since 2000, with Scott joining the team in 2011.  They know what they are doing.

How Many Houses do You Buy a Year?

There is no one right number.  But someone who does not buy very many houses each year might be a bit rusty and the person that buys too many just might be juggling too many deals and once.

The same goes for hiring a Realtor.

You want to find someone who buys at least 10-12 houses a year but if they buy much over 30, without good staff, they just might drop the ball.  The Tuckers fall right in line with this number.

What is Your Commission or Fee?

If you are working with a Cash Buyer, there should not be any commission.  The only fee they should have is closing costs that the title company will charge the seller, and quite often that can be negotiated with the Cash Buyer picking up the tab.

The Tuckers with kcmoHomeBuyer, the people behind this website charge no commission when they buy your house and they are more than happy to pick up the closing costs for you if need be.

How Will You Pay for My House?

Always ask the hard questions first.  One would think that if you are working with a Cash Buyer that they have . . . . well cash.  But here's where the "not all cash buyers are created equal" comes in.

The experienced cash buyer with extensive experience is going to have two basic ways they will pay for your house:

1.  Cash, their own cash from their own bank account.

2.  Private Money, money that comes from a friend or business associate's bank account.

With both of these sources of funds, there is no appraisal and no loan approval, they just wire the money to the title company when it's needed.  They can act quickly and close on YOUR SCHEDULE.

The newer investor who say they are cash buyers have a few ways of paying for your house and they could kill the deal.

1.  Assign the Contract, this means that the buyer is not actually going to buy your house, instead, once they have a contract on your home, they are going to market your house to their contacts and find a buyer with the money.  You don't control who that buyer with the money is and they may or may not be able to get the deal done.  If they can't find that buyer, they will come back to you and either ask for a lower price or just walk away, forcing you to start over.

2.  Hard Money, is actually a pretty good option if they do in fact have a lender willing to lend.  But the fees that are paid to the hard money lender are rather steep and can make the cash buyer need to offer less and generally with the Hard Money loan the home does have to pass an inspection to see what needs to be fixed and appraise at a high enough value.

The Tuckers, have about $500,000 in cash at any one given time to invest in homes and access to about another $1 million in Private Funds from friends and family.  They are ready, willing, and able to buy your house.

Do you Wholesale or Rehab Houses?

First, let's define what these terms mean.

Wholesale:  Buy your house for one price and then sell it for a profit.  There are a lot of investors who are looking for houses to rent out and to rehab and flip. They are busy being landlords or managing their rehabs, and they turn to wholesalers to find the houses.

Rehab:  Buy the house to renovate and then rent it out or sell it for a profit.

Ideally, your cash buyer should be experienced enough to do a little bit of both.

The Tuckers rehab a lot of houses, they wholesale a few, and when it makes better sense for the seller, they will even put on their Realtor hat and list it.  They like to offer options to accommodate their seller's needs.

Do you have any Certifications, Designations or Training?

Ask the average cash home buyer this question and they might just look at you sideways.  Other than a few having a real estate license, most don't have anything.

Ideally, you want to be working with a certified home buyer who has been specifically trained to address your family's situation and needs.

The Tuckers have been buying houses from families who are either assisting a senior with a housing transition to care or who have inherited a home after.  They have extensive experience and have even lived it a few times themselves.  In 2021, they took the extra step to become Certified Senior Transition "As-Is" Cash Buyers so they could better serve their customers.  In addition, they are all licensed real estate agents and have been named by Blogger Local as a Top 10 Cash Home Buyers for many years.

Learn More About Selling Your Home To the Tuckers

We would love to learn more about your situation and discuss your options for selling your loved ones' home that best fits your family's needs.  If you want to learn more about us you can always visit our about us page, our cash buyer website, or Google Kim Tucker, Don Tucker, or Scott Tucker (the Realtor in the Kansas City area, not the racecar driver.)

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I highly recommend.

We got a letter from Kim about Dad’s house a few months ago after one of our garage sales. Her son Scott called us back, asked a few questions, looked our house and made an offer. My brothers had been trying to fix it up to sell for almost a year . . . that was not going well. We took Scotts offer, he made the process very easy and convenient, we could even sign things via email. We didn’t have to finish cleaning out the house, we didn’t have to make any repairs and no more going to mow the yard.

I highly recommend giving Kim or Scott a call, you will be glad you did.

On top of the process every step of the way!

Great experience.  I was selling my fathers house. Very glad he sent a letter.  The house was dirty, it was stinky, it was packed with junk.  I just didn’t want to deal with it.  

I called Scott as well as several of the ads I found on google for people who buy houses.  Scott was great, he showed up when he said he would, he listened to what I had to say. He made me an offer and left it with me so I could “sleep on it”, which gave me time to review if with my brother.

Scott was on top of the process every step of the way, making sure I was informed and knew what was going on and when we had some paperwork issues at the title company, helped me work through that as well.

If you want a hassle free sale, give Scott and kcmoHomeBuyer a call.

Fantastic Experience . . .

..Scott was great working me through the entire process. His patience, availability and willingness to answer my questions were greatly appreciated.


“Closed on my Schedule”

I loved working with Scott and the team at kcmoHomeBuyer. I was downsizing my house and moving to something smaller. Timing was everything and since I am not handy doing all the little things the realtor wanted me to do was not going to happen. They made an acceptable offer for my house, even took the stuff that I could not move to my new place and closed on my schedule so the timing worked out.

~ Savanah A from Gravois Mills, MO

Like Doing Business with a Trusted Friend!

From the very beginning, I could tell he (Donald Tucker) was honest. He empathized with what we were going through and how hard it was to let our family home go. He stayed on top of things as they occurred and it felt like doing business with a trusted friend. He was very reassuring and explained every step of the process. Thank you so much.


“Fair Price”

“We received a fair price for our mother’s house. We were very relieved because we had so much emotional attachment to the house that it would have been hard for us to sell in a typical manner. ” If you are on the fence about selling a house to kcmoHomeBuyer . . .”Do it, you won’t be sorry!”


My experience with this company was just totally amazing. I am very thankful for contacting this company.

If you want to sell your home, please contact Scott Tucker at  My experience with this company was just totally amazing.  Hassle-free no agent fees, costly inspection repairs, no open house days, no never-ending potential buyers who want to deduct this and that from the asking price.  Scott Tucker gave me a very fair price for my home.  Also, after I agreed to a closing date, I needed an extension date and they agreed to my time frame.  Scott Tucker was awesome to work with from start to closing, with no hidden fees.  I am very thankful for contacting this company.  Thanks again from Nadine T.


Glad we Called

We had inherited Mom and Dad’s house a few years ago and had decided to rent it out. But being a landlord was not the best choice for us as it was a never-ending battle to keep it rented, keep the rent coming in and to fix it up every time that didn’t work. We were fed up and ready to be done with the whole situation. We called Scott at kcmoHomeBuyer and he was able to talk us through the situation on the phone, meet us at the house and make us an offer. We didn’t have to fix a thing, he took all the junk the last tenant left, and we closed a couple of weeks later.

Glad we called.

If you need to sell, no matter the situation, please, don’t hesitate to call.

I was in a probate/estate sale situation. My father passed away with no will. I had to go to court just to be named the administrator. I didn’t know what to do or who to call. I heard about KcmoHomebuyer and gave them a call. I met Scott at my father’s house. He was very, very sincere and helpful. I was pleased with his offer and as they say, the rest is history. If you need to sell, no matter the situation, please, don’t hesitate to call Scott at KcmoHomebuyer. You will not regret it. Thank you so much, Scott!!


Lifted an enormous burden.

Selling the house closed a long chapter in my life and lifted an enormous burden. Every week I spent at the house either cleaning, keeping up on maintenance, or keeping up the lawn. This was in addition to taking care of my own home. Now I have more time to spend with my kids watching their sporting events and more time with my mom!



I liked the fact that I wasn’t penalized or felt pressure for not getting everything cleaned out of the house. There was over 40 years and three families’ worth of treasure stored in the house, making me feel that the challenge of cleaning it was going to be impossible. I did what I could and you never hesitated in telling me that it’s ok to leave the rest behind.



This was a great experience. Scott paid us our asking price, and we closed in less than 30 days. It doesn’t get better or easier than this!



Words cannot express how Kim’s hard work has affected my family. After a death in my family, I was left with a home out of state that had been abandoned and no banks would even claim the loan! Kim helped me figure out how to determine ownership, what to do about the taxes, and how to clear up the loan status so the property could be sold. She helped me through the process every step of the way, despite my frazzled mindset after losing a loved one. There is no one better, she’s simply the best!


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