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Researching Options in
Senior Living

Researching all your Senior Living Options can be very overwhelming.  We have a printable worksheet to help you stay organized and ask the right questions so you can compare communities.

Arrange a time to visit the communities on your list, preferably twice. Visit once during the day and once at night and have one of your visits during mealtime.  Fill out the comparison workshop and take pictures if needed.

Questions You Should Be Asking


As you visit, ask a lot of questions about the staff.  How many staff are working to provide for how many residents? Is the staff to resident ratio different during the night than it is during the day?  Are the staff friendly?  What is the staff turnover rate?  Is there a shortage of staff? What level and types of care are provided? What training and qualifications do staff members have?


Look around, are all the rooms or apartments full?  How clean are the hallways?  How are the grounds kept?  Is there space for an outside activity?  What's the rest of the surrounding neighborhood like?


Think about how the senior lives life and what type of lifestyle they will desire in their new community.  What type of activities are offered?  What types of amenities are offered?  What are the dining options available?  Do they have transportation for residents? Are pets allowed?


What is the community going to cost on a monthly basis?  Is there an initial buy-in fee?  What costs extra?  Are there payment options?

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