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New Scam for Seniors to Watch Out For

Recorded Deeds Scam

We get it.  You are busy.  You are helping mom or dad get their affairs in order, their health cared for, and quite possibly helping them sell a house.

You and your mom or dad are the perfect targets for this latest scam.  Luckily if you fall prey to it, we don't think it will cost a whole heck of a lot.

It's the Recorded Deed Scam

Here's how it works.  You buy or sell a house like we did last month.  Then the scammer sends you an official-looking letter wanting to sell you a copy of your Property Assessment Profile that includes a copy of your current record of title.

It only costs $98.  Wow!!

We're not sure what a Property Assessment Profile might be and we've been buying and selling houses for 20 plus years.  What the letter we received in the mail listed were all items that we could look upon just about any real estate website for free.  So save your $98 and look the house up on Zillow.

But what about the record of title - in every part of the United States when the ownership of real property is exchanged, if it is done with the assistance of an attorney or title company that record of title or ownership is filed in the public record.

Here in Kansas City, at least on the Missouri side, you can look it up in most counties and get a digital copy for free.  In Kansas, you would have to head on over to the recorder of deeds office and they would probably give you a copy for a nominal fee.  Or when you buy or sell, ask the Title Company to provide you a copy, they usually do anyway.

So if you get a Recorded Deed Notice in the mail, have your attorney or title company review it, but we are fairly confident you can toss it in the old scam pile.