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How Smart Home Devices Can Help Seniors

Burton Kelso on Smart Home Devices

Are you looking for ways to help your seniors using technology?

There are several tech devices that allow your senior to stay independent.

Emergency Devices

Alexa Together - a service through your Echo Device.  This allows your adult to talk to Alexa and ask for assistance, but you can also reach out to your senior.

Apple Watch - a great tool that will give you a fall alert about your senior if set up correctly.

Video Doorbell - to allow your senior to see outside through their phone or through the smart home hub.

Smart Locks - This allows you to access the home through a code in a keypad or using a cell phone.  This allows you to open the lock for yourself or open it remotely in case your senior gets locked out.

Smart Garage Door - This does much the same as the smart lock on the regular doors.

Video Cameras - both inside and outside to see what is happening inside and out and access the video via your cell phone.

Alexa Show Device - this allows you to check in on your senior.

Voice Activated Devices - this allows the senior to ask the device the question without having to type the question in somewhere.  And to control smart home items, including the TV.

Smart Home Hub - that allows you to connect to heating and air, lights, locks, and appliances and control these items remotely through the hub.

Self Vacuuming or Yard Mowing Devices

Reminders - the smart home hub and connected devices can remind your senior to take medicine, to eat, to do anything.

Med Dispenser - that will provide meds at the appropriate time.

Smart Tags - an electronic tag that you can attach to items that easily get lost to track the item.  You can even tag your senior.

So which smart home hub is the best?

There Amazon Echo device has the most amount of smart devices.  The best have a screen to help your senior interact, play games, and keep them occupied and engaged.

Our Guest Vlogger is Burton Kelso - local Tech Expert with Integral.