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Trust Funds: Asbestos, Mesothelioma, Cancer

Millions of families have been impacted by exposure to Asbestos. Many don't know they were exposed as it affects not only the person exposed but the spouse at home who did the laundry or the kids playing on the floor where fibers were transferred as the exposed person walked through.

As of 2021, most of the major manufacturers of products containing asbestos have established trust funds to compensate those affected, to help avoid lawsuits, and to stay in business.  Though compensation amounts vary, these funds can help families affected by mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases to cover their medical and long-term care expenses.

Asbestos History

Asbestos, a very toxic mineral was once used abundantly in the creation of materials that needed to be fireproof: heating and cooling appliances, brakes, flooring tiles, even popcorn ceilings.  And it is still used today.

Before it was known that the tiny fibers could flake off and hook themselves into your lungs and develop into cancer, it was widely used in the construction and development of tools and building materials for decades. Eventually, the front-line workers who had been exposed to the toxic dust during employment began developing diseases like lung cancer, pleural mesothelioma, and asbestosis among others. Their families at home too as the dust was transferred from clothing.

Researchers went to work, discovered the mineral’s carcinogenic properties, asbestos was banned for most uses, and the companies responsible for exposing their employees began receiving legal attention. The companies with the most liability started being sought out by lawsuits and these companies started filing for bankruptcy.

To make sure that future lawsuits were covered, these companies set up trust funds to compensate those affected who filed a legal claim.

Who Can File a Trust Fund Claim?

To file a claim, you need to have been exposed to asbestos while working on the job and have developed lung cancer or other related illness.

The asbestos in the company where the person worked needs to be tied to a company that has set up a trust fund.

And the person needs to be able to prove that their exposure to asbestos happened while they were working for the company in question.

There is also a time limit to how long you have to file a claim that differs from state to state and between the different trust funds.

Jobs with High Risk Exposure

People who worked in the following industries and their families at home were at risk of high exposure:

Industrial Settings
Steel Mills
Paper Mills
Power Plants
Shipyard or Navy Personel
Heavy Manufacturing
Industrial Occupations
Pipe or Steam Fitter
Machinist or Mate
Furnace or Kiln Operator
Maintenance Personell
Independent Contractors for the following:
Any Insulating Company
US Steel
Marathon Oil
Shell Oil
International Harvester
General Electric / Westinghouse
Commonwealth Edison
Tidewater Construction
Paul J. Krez Construction
Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation
Union Carbide